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What we must realise

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

We must realise that money is just a unit for measuring value.

It is not a material thing in itself; it is a measure of how much work we are willing to invest to achieve something.

We must realise that economic differences between people are a direct contradiction to the notion of all peoples equal value.

A person's intrinsic value cannot be priced in the same way as goods. In the same time it cannot be separated from its work, the value of its time.

We must realise that everyone deserves equal compensation for their working hours.

A human has no existence outside of time. Treating a person's time as a commodity is a violation of its absolute intrinsic value.

We must realise that instead of taxation, all profits on all work must be distributed equally among all.

Value is a measure of work. Profit is a value that arises from work, and it belongs to the working people.

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